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MARCH, 1868. THE [No. 1. ca:r,dijf:f CONGREGATIONAL MAGAZINE; % JBonthlj Jltoajrafed Journal PRICE ONE PENNY. CONTENTS: Editorial Address ... ... i. The Eelation of the Press to the Morals of the People... iii. History of Independency in Cardiff. By liev. J, DaVies v, Down the Thames .. The best for Christ Christian Conscience The Queen's Journal 52 57 61 63 PAGH " The Patriot Cobbler." By the late Eev. Ch. Williams 67 John Bunyan. By the Be v. William F. Clarkson, B.A. 70 National Education—not De¬ nominational. By the Bev. J. B. Paton, M.A....... 76 The Infidel's Test ... 79 A word in season, how good is it 79 Church News of the Month 80 CARDIFF : Printed by William Chambers, No. 4, North Church Street. o; v/cn