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L»~.*ig a^-m >->-« p—v-a j-^« >-^-ia _,■—.-* £r-~* -*~vTn___<>—*-* >--.-« /-~v-tt >~~.r-w /^^•3-_<tr->;'« >v~>: !<V ■***>-vbjjrH^^^F iTNOV^y 1"-V_^^»- r^^^Vjy r-^_^~ r"*^_^^y r*V_>^v r^-><-»- r^_^Cy-r^_>lo^.-Vvt>_>VA-- i"^^-^- r^.^^^^^?^^ THE MONTGOMERY & RADNOR BAPTIST VISITOR Edited by MISS EVANS, Tyn-yr-eithin, Newtown, CONSULTING EDITORS : Pastors T. E. WILLIAMS, Newtown W. WILLIAMS, Knighton; mid JAMES JONES, B.Sc, Llandrindod Wells, Treasurer -.—Mr. J. KINSEY, Hoddell, Walton, Kington. All Contributions to be sent to the Editor not later than the 18th of each month. Orders and Payments to Pastor W.G. Mansfield, Secretary, Velindre, Knighton, Eadnorshire ; or Mr. John Andrew, Newtown, Mont. Vol. XV-8. PRICE ONE PENNY. August, 1910. $fpeeia( fflofi'ee to -Xeadert. —■mwiwiMi—irnrnii hi ii i ii iiimi i ..... i"immi»ii IT PAYS! TO SHOP When buying a Watch, Jewellery, or Wedding Ring, get it from OLDBURY'S, All goods wai ranted. Don't send away, You get better value and satisfaction by going to OLDBURY, Knighton. Oltey's 1 \m ( " Familiar in their mouths as household words." " The Radnorshire Company " Are household words throughout Mid-Wales, signifying quality, value and straight dealing. Coals and Coke, Lime, Timber and Building Materials Wheelwrights, Timber, &c, Manures, Feeding Stuffs, WE are the leading dealers in ^the dis trict in these departments- YOU are a buyer in one or other of them ? —enquire our prices delivered at k your nearest station. No order is \ too small or too large to receive our prompt attention. Radnorshire Coal, Lime & General Supply Co., Ltd. { Head Offices KNIGHTON, Depots throughout Mid-Wales. XZte=3bJ-*±£ • ..v^/^-vvj ■*->,■—>^a_ ■ x^—/ «..-<=?—»:•>■—r Oldbury, Printer, Knighton. >f^*L,