rijHwHH THE MONTGOMERY & RADNOR BAPTIST VISIT Edited by IViISS EVANS, Tyn-yp-eithin, Newtown. CONSULTING EDITORS ' Pastors T. E. WILLIAMS, Newtown; W. WILLIAMS, Knighton; and JAMES JONES, B.Sc, Llandrindod Wells. Treasurer :—Mr. J. KINSEY, Hoddell, Walton, Kington. All Contributions to be sent to the Editor not later than the 18th of each month. Orders and Payments to Pastor W. (4. Mansfield, Secretary, Velindre, Knighton, Eadnorshire • or Mr. John Andrew, Newtown, Mont. Vol. xni-9. PRICE ONE PENNY September, 1908. WE KNOW OUR BUSINESS. ' We will prove it, if you will send us your order for ■■9 *§* PRINTING ANX> STATIONERY. -£- s. We can supply your wants and give satisfaction. Try us next time. Send for prices. Quick despatch of all orders. OLD BURY Knighton, Llandrindod Wells, and Presteign. MAXIMUM HEAT MINIWIUM ASH . 0 DUST . . . Coals we specially recontm^ftd. . . « Cannock Ci*ase, Welsh Elled, Welsh Red Ash. Are the characteristics of the Coals supplied by us. We specialize on qualities which burn brightly, burn freely, and bum right away. There is no dirty grates and dusty mantlepieces where our Coals are used. Our Booklet '■ Coal," is full of the very information you need, and is the only publication of its kind. Posted free with price lists. Send us a Post Card. Get into touch with us and save money. We send truck loads (from 6 tons) to any Station at wholesale prices. Head Office: North Hou&e, BRECON. Branch Office: The Wharf, LLANDRINDOD. Manager: Mr W. GWYNFA THOMAS. C. E. WEAVER PRICE & SON, Coal, Coke, Lime and Builders' Merchants. "Expkess " Officii" j Phillips & Son, Pbinteks, Newtown.