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No. 19. RUTHIN SCHOOL MAGAZINE, APRIL, 1889. TF you can't do a thing properly, don't try it," is admirable -*- advice when it can be followed, but under other condi¬ tions the admiration it inspires is surpassed by the irritation. A preface on nothing might be made instructive by some people, but the Editor does not number many such among his intimate fiends ; and, if he did, they, with the well-known civility of ^en of letters, might parody Canning's Sapphic and reply :— I" write a preface ! I will see thee blowed first, Wretch whom no sense of need can rouse to labour, Sordid unfeeling reprobate degraded Editor, oh no ! *■* it should not be at once clear to everybody that there is Nothing to write about, to such an objector one would say " First, indeed, pray that this may be so, and we will join you, "Ut, secondly, count how many things there are of which you c°uld write. Truly the months have rolled, and new moons ^ave hurried to their waning, and the Summer term has come, ut this is not wholly without precedent. Perhaps the weather 0es call for a remark, and one is quite willing to say with the Americans that it reflects the greatest credit upon us all. wo other topics only of recent date are worth referring to— ° New Buildings have come, but two New Bells have. Nor much more to be made out of last term ; such opportunities r football matches as escaped the anger of gods or men