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No. 4.—Vol. i.] (£T SEE "QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS" INSIDE, [April, 1896. rxfarCtA,. r-rjfac^ ,s /8 & 2/- TEAi $,nfc gtxmtlj pJaltttn. Edited by CARL MORGANWG. R. E. JONES' (LTI>.) HOTELS & CAFES. »^»,k,r»i<PWi,wrw»'wr^rwrk(fw»«wwino«K'«ii«>#%#x/s*H^<kj«**v^vv*'^ ANGEL HOTEL, High Street (near G.W.R, Station and corner Arcade), This house is now the most modern Commercial Hotel in Swansea. 40 Bedrooms. Night Bell. "CASTLJE CAFE, Castle Street (near Post Office), MIDLAND'CAFE, opposite Theatre. DOT, L. & N.W.R. and Steam Tram Termini. "'"& YACHT CAFE, Mumbles (open in Summer Months). Also at CARDIFF. Dlnwr* "T" lr» r\ irvi oc* 81, Oxford Street, for Value at all Seasons of the Tear. Sp* rinVS 1 MO 111 CIO,. Noted for Artistic Millinery at strir+1------* <^^