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WEST OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE. No. 36- Monday, November 12, )S?% Halfpenny EDWARD VI. is celebra¬ ted by historians for the beau¬ ty of his person, the sweetness of his disposition, and the ex¬ tent of his knowledge. By the time he had attained his sixteenth year, he understood the Greek, Latin, French,Ita¬ lian, and Spanish languages ; he was versed in the sciences of logic, music, and natural philosophy, and master of all theological disputes ; inso¬ much that the famous Cardan, on his return from Scotland, visiting the English court, was astonished at the progress he had made in learning ; and afterwards extolled him in his works as a prodigy of nature. Notwithstanding these en¬ comiums, he seems to have had an ingredient of bigotry in his disposition that would have rendered him very trou¬ blesome to those of tender con¬ sciences who might have hap¬ pened to differ with him iij