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WEST OF ENGLAND IMmtf) Mate® MAGAZINE. No. 35. Monday , November 5, 1832. Halfpenny GUY FAVVKES. Please to remember the fifth of November. Gunpowder treason and plot ,• We know no reason, why gunpow¬ der treason Should ever be forgot! Holla boys! holla boys ! huzza—a— a ! A stick and astake,forking George's sake,: A stick and a stump, for Guy. Fawkes's ramp! Holla boys ! holla boys ! huzza—a— a! There cannot be a better ^^S&Sgr- representation of " Guy Fawkes," as he is borne about the metropolis " in effigy/' on the fifth of Novem¬ ber, every year, than the drawing to this article by Mi*. Cruikshank. It is not to be expected that poor boys should be well informed as to Guy's history, or be particular about his costume. Scuffles seldom happen now, but, " in my youthful days," (i when Guy met Guy—then