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THE WEST OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE. No. 32. Monday, October 15, 1833. Half-penny- sr. paul's cathedral. St. Paul's Cathedral in London, is the most magnifi¬ cent Protestant church in the world, and one of the finest structures that any age has produced. It is said lo have been originally founded by Ethelbert, a Saxon prince, on the site of a temple which the Romans had formerly dedicated to Diana. It sus¬ tained several successive inju¬ ries from fire and lightning, and in the conflagration of 1666 it was totally destroyed. The first stone of the present structure was laid by Sir Christopher Wren, on the twenty-first of June, 1675, and the design was completed in 1710; but the decorations were not finished till the year 1723. This cathedral is built of fine Portland stone, after the model of St. Peter's at Rome; having two ranges of pilasters