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THE WEST OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE. Wo. .30._______Monday, October 1, 1839. Half-penny THE GOAT. The domestic goat is well known throughout Europe,and even in the other regions of the globe. Considerable num¬ bers are kept in the moun¬ tainous parts of Wales. The Welsh goats are greatly su¬ perior in size to any of the breeds cultivated in other mountainous countries, and commonly of a white colour. In Caernarvonshire, they are generally suffered to run wild on the rocks, in both winter and summer. The goat, though less friendly, and less serviceable to mankind than the sheep, affords, however, a variety of articles of no small utility to human life. The flesh of this animal is wholesome food. That of a spayed goat, six or seven years old, is remarkably sweet and fat. The haunches, salted and dried, make ex-