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THE WEST OF ENGLAND A G A Z I N E. No. 29. Monday, September 24, 1832. Half-penny THE STRANGER GUEST. There was in my neighbour¬ hood, a farm-house, which was remarkable, as well for its an¬ tiquity, as the very beautiful country by which it was surrounded. It formed part of the estate of a nobleman, who had large possessions in the country, but who rarely visit¬ ed them. As a young man, he was conspicuous for the generosity of his disposition, a nice sense of honour, and the mildness and affability of his manners. The management of his es¬ tates in the mean time was confided to his steward, Mr. Giles Jenkins; whose arro¬ gance, avarice, and revenge, made him the terror of all the tenants; he was also a hypo¬ crite and, as far as regarded his master, a successful one. The farm was tenanted by Andrew Hodson, whose ances¬ tors had cultivated the same soil for more than a century. His wife's domestic virtues and acquirements were admirably adapted for a farmer's wife; and, although a sSirewd, she was a very kind-hearted wo¬ man. They had two children, a son and a daughter; the former about one and twenty, and the latter two years younger. Frank Hodson, very like his father in person, was an indus¬ trious, good-humoured lad;