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THE WEST OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE. No. 26. Monday, September 3._______Half-penny. THE MILCH COW. The genus bos, commonly called neat, and sometimes black cattle, stands at the head of our domestic animals destin¬ ed for the use and food of man; and more especially for that most precious alimentary pro¬ duction, Milk, of such impor¬ tance in rearing our children, and adapted to such a variety of other family purposes. For a constant supply of this invalu¬ able resource, we depend on the female of this race, the harmless and docile cow, which is compelled to produce and part with that secretion intend¬ ed by nature for the support of her own progeny. Our neat Cattle are divided into various breeds or 'races, each distinguished by peculiar qualities, the most important of which is the natural propensity to breeding milk, or making beef.