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THE WEST OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE. No. 19. Monday, July 16, 1833. Half-pennyT THE POOR GIRL. Who is she the poor maiden, whose wild- ly-fix'd eyes Seem a heart overcharged to express?— She weeps not, yet often and deeply she sighs; She never complains—but her silence im¬ plies The composure of settled distress. No aid, no compassion, the maniac will seek, Cold and hunger awake not her care: Through the rags do the winds of winter blow bleak On her poor wither'd bosom, half-bare, and her cheek Has the deadly pale hue of despair. A DANGEROUS GAME; OR, LEAP¬ FROG WITH NAPOLEON. I have already stated that our actors were very good.— One of the best, perhaps the very best, with the exception only of Hortense, was Isabey, the miniature painter. Although useful to us, he suddenly ceased taking a part in our plays.— This circumstance has been but obscurely explained: it