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EST OF ENGLAND No. 17. MAGAZINE. Monday, July % 183*2. Half-penny. il"i,l^SSf msjuillHHI"1 I'unmninnuiw escape from an enraged elephant. We have before us a very picturesque account of a re¬ markable escape of Lieutenant J. D. Moodie, of the 21st Fusi¬ liers, from destruction by an enraged elephant. In the year 1821, I had joined .the semi-military settle¬ ment of Fredericksburg, on the picturesque banks of the Uualana, beyond the Great Fish River. At this place our party (consisting chiefly of the disbanded officers and sol¬ diers of the Royal African corps) had already shot many elephants, with which the country at that time abounded. The day previous to my ad¬ venture, I had witnessed an elephant-hunt for the first time. On this occasion a large female was killed, after aonu? hundred shots'' hud been fired