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No. 13 EST OF ENGLAND ANP MAGAZINE. Monday, June 4, 1832. Half-penny. THE LION. / ' / The following anecdote of the Lion, is given by Mr. Pringle, in his travels in Africa. " The day was exceedingly pleasant, and not a cloud was to be seen. For a mile or two~> we travelled along the banks of the river, which in this part abounded in tall mat- rushes. The dogs seemed much to enjoy prowling about and examining every bushy place, and at last met with some object among the rushes, which caused them to set up a most vehement and determined barking. We explored the spot with caution, as we suspect ted, from the peculiar tone of their bark, that it was, what it proved to be, Lions. Having encouraged the dogs to drive them out, a task which they performed with great willing¬ ness, we had a full view of an enormous black-maned Hon, and a lioness. The latter, was seen only for a minute, as she made her escape up the river,