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BRISTOL., st of fgnglantt, ■anU H® MA6AZ I N E. No. 7. Monday, April 23, 1832. Half-penny. . GEORGE IV. Proclaimed King the 31st January, 1820. Mlu&tvzLttls SvtitU. George ,,TV- ascended the .British throne in circumstances of peculiar felicity. For many .years he had performed the functions of royalty as Regent, by which he obtained a tho¬ rough knowledge of the exe¬ cutive government, of the state of the, nation, and jpjf foreign politics; The transition from the Regency to the Monarchy was scarcely perceptible; ma¬ tured in years, he had every advantage which could be ob¬ tained irom long experience . The elegance of bh manners.