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THK BRISTOL. MAGAZINE. g No. 3. Monday, March 26, 1832. Half-penny. ST. MARY REDCLIFF CHURCH BRISTOL. [ From a drawing by This Church is justly cele¬ brated for its antiquity and the beauty of its architecture. The foundation-stone was laid in 1292, by Simon de Burton, the erection continued by William Canynge, and finish¬ ed by his son, William Can- ynge, " the richest merchant in Bristol," who furnished Ed¬ ward IV. with eight ships for his wars, and employed for eight years, 800 handicrafts¬ men, and 100 carpenters and masons. WEDGES OP GOLD. In the year 1796, some gen¬ tlemen of Bristol fitted out a the late Mr. Bird.} vessel called the Mohawk, to cruize against the Spaniards. In the advertisements for men, the advantages of joining the Mohawk were set forth in the most glowing colours: the many rich galleons of Spain, loaded with ingots of gold and other precious metals were to be theirs; they would simply have to go and take them, and be enabled, with their prize- money, to spend the remainder of their days in comfortable affluence. Amongthe landsmen who entered (attracted no doubt by such brilliant prospects,) were several from Kingswbod. One day,^%hile the vessel