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*Q & <&>&$ W £q $> £d.8 *3 ffiS d$ sdb #z ^ Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask fof^ the old paths.—Jeb. vi. chap., 16 verse. TRUTHFULNESS, FITNESS, AND PLAINNESS. Vol III. Birmingham, December, 1869. No. 12. POLYGAMY froved not to be a Bible doctrine; or Concu¬ binage calmly considered in its historic and practical results, agreeably to the Scripture Testimony regarding that subject. HRO the virtuous minded this is not a pleasing theme, but it ought -*- to be borne in mind that all wrong doings must be exposed, in order to be removed". It is written, " Thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him." Lev. xix. 17. The practice, under the guise of divine authority, is too great a per¬ version of sacred history to let pass without continued rebuke and condemnation. And the^stubborn, unblushing effrontery with which the doctrine and practice is continued to be advocated, using the historic portions of Scripture to p*roye their teachings upon that subject, points out the duty of all advocates of the truth and right, to protest against the heresy and expose-- the fallacies of the reasoning upon which' it is built. ' "V ■ We purpose briefly to review the principle in its workings, and the Scriptures by them/brought forward to sustain their peculiar INSTITUTION. v\