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(3 &&MW^WMM h §8* ©o t^/ Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask fop^ the old PATHS.—:Jer. vi. chap., 16 verse. TRUTHFULNESS, FITNESS, AND PLAINNESS. Vol III. Birmingham, November, 1869. No. 12. The Far amount Importance of the Latter-day Revelations to the Saints. ALL societies, communities, and churches have, or profess /to have, some rule or standard of right, by the which they acknowledge themselves guided and bound. The various shades of Christians allege that the Bible is the standard of their faith, yet each and all claim to construe the intention of that which is there written to accord with their discipline, creed, or theory of doctrine, and have thereby fC bound themselves in bundles that no man can loose them." Sec. 85, 16. Their discordant views and teachings are so many evidences of their errors, as shown by the consistent unity of truth, while error asserts that the Bible is an all-sufficient rule for faith and practice, the Bible itself