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' 111IIS11iISI $& ■ssa Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask FOi\_ the OLD PATHS.—Jer. vi. chap., 16 verse. TRUTHFULNESS, FITNESS, AND PLAINNESS. - Vol III. * Birmingham, October, 1869. No. 11. HEAVEN, EARTH, AND HELL. /^^>:E propose to enquire what we ought to believe respecting these— \\W sna^ we ca^ them places ? Or as the theologians say must we ^-3- call heaven a state or condition ? The earth is confessedly a place, though much dispute arises , in respect to the character of the earth, some esteeming it good, others bad, also respect¬ ing its age, and whether it was made out of something, or nothing, whether it was made in little less than a week, or whether some thou¬ sands of years were occupied in that work, or whether it was made at all, but exists because matter is eternal. Of course this last view of the case would carry with it a belief that it would continue; to exist on the same'principle eternally"; while those who suppose it to have been made in a few days, and " out of nothing," very consistently lock for it to be consumed to ashes ; and then the ashes turned to—nothing. But with all these varieties of opinion all agree that the earth is a place, and whether made out of such a subtle material as nothing or otherwise, it is now qui;,- tangible and affords a home, more or less comfovtable for some thousand millions of human beings. And it is gene-