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m ^ y ,iC Z s~ 3 S\ f-J if* fl T-r r£5? ^*J £S? >-""5 7^--' ") fty. Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask foi\ the old paths.—Jeb. vi. chap., 16 verse. TRUTHFULNESS, FITNESS, AND PLAINNESS. Vol III. Birmingham, March, 1869. No. 4. "CHRISTENDOM IN A STATE OP APOSTACY." Tins is the title of a tract published by the Christadelpkians, in which the writer attempts to prove the foregoing, by referring to various prophecies in the New Testament, going to shew that wolves should enter in, not sparing the flock j that men should rise up among them speaking perverse things ; that they would not endure sound doctrine, but turn to fables, heaping to themselves teachers ; and should believe a lie ; and should wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. Also that darkness should cover the earth, and gross dark¬ ness the people, That the day of the Lord's coming will not come until there has been a falling away first; that the woman on the scarlet coloured beast typified the entire Apostacy of the Church. That all nations, peoples, and tongues of the earth were to be " intoxicated with her false doctrines," &c. &c. Now all this does not prove " Christendom in a state of Apostacy," it only proves that it may have been so, &r may be so now, or will become so in the future. That is the most thesti •scriptures can prove. But the facts, as to the condition of the " Mother Church," Roman Catholic and the " Daughter Churches "—Protestant sects—prove that the Apostacy has taken place, filling all the ininutia of the foregoing predictions. Now this Apostacy, according to tha prophecies, consists of turning away from the truth, and turning unto fables; not becoming atheists, but to offer a vain worship, "teaching for doctrine the commandments of men," (Isa. xxix.; vii. 7.) instead of the commandments of God \ or making void the law of God by their tradition.