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THE KESTOREB, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths. Jer. vi. It. We shall study truthfulness, fitness, and plainneM. Ho. 1.] OCTOBER, 1865. [Vol. II. INFIDELITY. BY ELDER REES JOHN. Sir,—By inserting the following few remarks in the Restorer you will .much oblige. In the first p'.ac;?, I believe in the inspired Word of God, and also in the greaL hook of Nature, and from it I shall endeavour to prove the existence of a God ; and as the book of nature has not been perverted by mortal hands, and if one truth cannot contradict another, so if nature proves the existence of a God then the Holy Scriptures are true, and not false. For instance, let us take a walk into one of our large iron manufactories and look at the process of iron making, there at once we observe cause and effect. We see hundreds and thousands of human beings there employed in the different branches, and the .effect is the finished bars and iron rails, by which all our railways are made. There also we can see that immense motive power employed in the same process. Wo can see volumes of smoke and steam hiss forth like many waters, and the roar of the machinery like distant thunder. Man, then, is the cause, and by his intelligence and energy he has accomplished many great and noble inventions; but the fool says in his heart there is no God, snd all things came by chance. Man, thou hast done mighty things ; but who made thee ? That is the question. Man, look at thyself, didst thou come by chance. As a single bar of iron cannot be produced by chance, neither can a man, for he is the