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THE KESTORER, Stand 7a in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths. Jer, f i, If. We shall study truthfulness, fitness, and plainness. 2T6. 11.] MAY, 18 6 5. [Vol. I. MINUTES OF A SEMI-ANNUAL CONFERENCE Of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, held at the Long-room of the Railway Inn, Merthyr Tydfil, "Wales, April 30, 1865. A great number of the Saints and officers con¬ vened together at 7 o'clock in f$b morning, and held a prayer meeting, united in the behalf of their brethren, who have been led from the rod of iron into strange paths, and for the Lord to bless and prosper the labour of His servants, and enlighten the minds of the honest in heart and all lovers of truth among all mankind, so that they may prepare themselves for ike things that are at hand, even the kingdom of God. And really it was good to be there, for the Lord did greatly bless his Saints that were engaged in so good a cause; for His holy spirit was richly poured upon all present, and they felt well in the beginning of the Lord's day. Conference convened, purnuaut to adjournment, at half-past ten o'clock, a.m. After choosing J. T. Phillips to preside, and N. Gfrigg as clerk, the choir sung a "Welsh hymn, Elder T. E.Jenkins engaged in prayer, in English, and Eldsr J. Phillips, in Welsh ; tken was sung :—" We ns the living witnesses," &c. The pre¬ sident gave some brief remarks on the duties of the tmnisti) .. working the works 6f,rTghteoii8Hess before th< .'. .■ i kind, and. when thej ; forth tbjpr'ei : ' ■ ■■ it . ..; b jpj :'ii ::;: C brist tic 0. - o'bs p ri'« 1 ap in thi f'< ■ - t isidoffl