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?n HE RESTORE Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths. Jer. vi, 16. We shall study truthfulness, fitness, and plainness. No. 1.] MARCH, 1864. [Vol.1. OUR PURPOSE. This periodical, as its name indicates, -will be devoted to the work of restoring the faith, once delivered to the Latter-day Saints, and defending it against the assaults of unbelievers, whether strangers to that faith, or once having embraced it, have "departed" from it. Of this latter class, and the most mischevious, are the leaders of the people whose centre of opera¬ tions is the Salt Land, amid she Rooky Mountains of America ; and their organisation has, by tv^uninformed, been recognized as the Church of Jesus Christ of'Latter-day Saints throughout the dark and cloudly day succeeding the death of Joseph ; upon the same grounds that popery was, throughout the "dark ages," supposed to be the Church of Christ The Papist affirms that the Church of Rome alone constitutes the succession of the Apostolic Church in an organised form; and that the several Pontiffs have each in their turn possessed the keys of St. Peter ; and of course, taking the work where Peter left it, have been carrying out his measures lip to the present day. This is pre¬ cisely the grounds upon which the Erighamite claims identity with the church established through the ministry of Joseph ; and would fain have us believe that they are carying out Joseph's measures. We shall not here, or elsewhere, make any issue respecting Joseph's measures, but shall seek to set forth God's measures as reaveled through Joseph, and all prophets; believ¬ ing that the work of God upon the earth in any age, has for its object the salvation of man, and that this is only attainable through obedience to the gospel, and that this gospel is everlasting—that its object is to make free all who receive it, though they were in bondage before; it proposes to empty prisons—not to fill them, and