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CHEPSTOW GLEANER CONSISTING OF Selections from popular OTorfts*, ESSAYS, POETRY, ORC^BM^L MP SEkEOTIBg BIOGRAPHY, ANECDOTES, USEFUL NOTICES, CONTENTS OF NO. IV. Saint Paul's,—London. Biography—William Edwards, Engineer Old Bachelors, why they should marry Windfalls The Jews, continued population of The Guillotine, how it acquired that title Dancing, antiquity of | Sullivan,theWhisperer Collectanea—selection of Anecdotes. Facetiae—light readings. Useful Notices Correspondence—Day of Prayer Early Closing Choral Society Death of James Davies .............. Bishop of Llatidaff Street Nuisances, .&c. The Mother's Lament. ' £ivi CHEPSTOW Printed and published by Clark & Son, Bank-Square; and sold by the Booksellers in Chepstow, Usk, Newport, Scti.