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:m CONSISTING OF ^elections from liojmlar Worfta, ESSAYS, P©ETKT8 QKDQGNAlk AN© §ELi©Ti©j BIOGRAPHY, ANECDOTES, USEFUL NOTICES, CONTENTS OF NO. II. Woes of a Country Surgeon. Biography—Washington and his Mother. The Scottish Witness. David and Goliath. Water from the Rock. Russian Priests, miserable state of Spirit Drink, debilitating effects of Gossamer Spider. Early Rising. Bunyan's " Pilgrim's Progress/' Instinct—the Elephant—Deer—Parrot. Collectanea—a selection of Anecdotes, and Historic Facts. Facetiae—short whimsical Readings. Original Correspondence:—Gluttony—Chep¬ stow Chimes—Reply to CA Stranger'—Anec¬ dote.—Stanzas, by H.C.—To Correspondts. CHEPSTOW : Printed and published by Clark & Son, Bank-Square; and sold by the Booksellers in Chepstow, Usk, Newport, &c.