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FRTS PURE CONCENTRATED COCOA, 60LD MEDAL AWARDED FIRM PAR1SEXH1BITI0N, 1889 !> TRADE MARK. From SIR CHARLES A. CAMERON, M.D., President of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, &c " I have formed A HIGH OPINION OF ITS DIETETIC VALUE. I have never tasted Cocoa that I like so well. IT IS ESPECIALLY ADAPTED TO THOSE WHOSE DIGESTIVE ORGANS ARE WEAK." To Secure this Article ask for "FRY'S PURE CONCENTRATED COCOA." FIRST ESTABLISHED 1825. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST FARINACEOUS FOOD. NEAVE'S FOOD, FOR # Infants, Invalids, Growing Children, and the Aged. Bbitish Medical Journal.—"Well adapted for Children, Aged People, and nvalids." Lancet.—"Carefully prepared and highly nutritious." I2ST 1-IiS. CJL35TISTEK,S, OUSTS SHIXiTLXJ^TG ZEJ^CH. SOLD EVERYWHERE. J. R. NEAVE & CO., FOKPINBRIDGE, Nr. SALISBURY. Already Cooked—requires neither boiling nor straining- Is made in a minute. tAJlen & Hanburys Infanta' Food A Nutriment peculiarly adapted to the digestive organs of Infants and Young Children, supplying all that is required for the formation offirm flesh and bone ALLEN. DAVIES A Co., BRISTOL.