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Vol XII, No. 4. April, 1888. V-^~^i [Price One Penny. il FRY'S PURE CONCENTRATED COCOA 33 Prize Medals awarded to the Firm Prepared by a sew and special scientific process, securing extreme solubility, and developing the finest flavour of the Cocoa. PURE—EASILY DIGESTED -ECONOMICAL. From SIR CHARLES A. CAMERON, M.D., President of the Hoyal College of Surgeons, Ireland, die. "I have formed A HIGH OPINION OF ITS DIETETIC VALUE. I have never tasted Cocoa that I like so well. IT IS ESPECIALLY ADAPTED TO THOSE WHOSE DIGESTIVE ORGANS ARE WEAK." ASK YOUR GROCER FOR A SAMPLE AND COPY OF TESTIMONIALS FIRST ESTABLISHED 1825. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST FARINACEOUS FOOD NEAVE'S FOOD, FOR * Infants, Invalids, Growing Children, and the Aged. British Medical Journal.—" Well adapted for Children, Aged People, and Invalids." Lancet.—"Carefully prepared and highly nutritions." I2ST 1-XiB. CAIT^riSTEIRfcS, OlSTE SHILLHTO- EACH. SOLD EVERYWHERE. J. R. NEAVE & CO., FORDINBRIDGE, Nr. SALISBURY. tisitobs to LonsriDOisr. TRANTER'S TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 7, 8, 9. BRIDGEWATER SQUARE, BARBICAN, E.C. MOST CENTRAL POR BUSINESS OR PLEASURE; near St. Paul's Cathedral, G.P.O., close to Aldersgate-street, Metropolitan Railway Station (in connection with ALL railways;. Highly recommended. Bedroom from 1/6 to 2/(5 Breakfast or Tea, from V- to 19. No charge for attendance. Hot or Cold Baths. Established 1850. Write for " Visitors' Guipe to London " (How to See It in a Week). Tariff and testimonials post free on application to— RECENTLY ENLARGED. PRIVATE FAMILY & COMMERCIAL HOTEL G. T. S. TRANTER, Proprietor. ALLEN, DAVIES & Co., BRISTOL. *^^jtf-^_X^*^_Jf^^_X~"^