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PARISH MAGAZINE AAY, 1909. EASTER. We again refer with thankfulness for the privileges accorded to us on Easter Day, and indeed for the improvement visible in the attendances in Church dur¬ ing Lent and Holy Week. The large and increased attendances at the celebrations on Easter were very encouraging, and we take it, a hopeful sign that all the congregations during the day were excep¬ tionally large. We trust that the lessons of the great Festival will be more and more realized from year to year with the result that we all may become more faithful servants and followers of our ever-living Lord. We all thank the special preachers whose sermons and addresses during Lent and Holy Week were so full of helpful teaching and spiritual encouragement. DECORATION'S FOR EASTER. The decorations of the Churches for Easter were very effectively done as given below, and best thanks are due to the decorators and those who contributed. Holy Trinity.—Altar: The Misses S herrati; chancel and screen, Mr Atkins (Haulfre), and assistants ; Pulpit, the Misses Marston; Font, Mrs Drown; screen windows, etc., Miss Haughton, Miss Farrington, Miss Holt, Miss Poppleton, Miss Olive Eakin. St. George's (East End) : Mrs Hughes, Rectory; Miss Lilian Arkle, Miss M. Hughes, Miss E. Hughes; Pulpit, the Misses Buckley, MissgWright; Font, Mrs Roberts, Huyton; Windows, Miss Edith Felton; Lectum, Miss Smith, Anstey, and Miss C. M. Edwards. Gifts of flowers and contributions were kindly sent by the Lady Augusta Mostyn, Mrs Piatt, Mrs Llewelyn Hughes, Mrs Alfred Hughes, Mrs Arkle, Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs Piilkington, Mrs M. Briggs, Mrs Roberts, Huyton; Mrs Evans, Orme's Hey; Miss Josephs, Miss Finnemore, Miss Sabine, Mr Bowdage, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Elakin, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Stone, Mrs Flood, Mrs Ofctley, Mrs Rogers, Miss Smith, Anstey; Miss Wright, Miss Fox, Miss Owen (Soho), Miss Jones, Mr Hill, Mrs John Walker, Mrs Richards, Mrs Parry, Mrs Riosfeill, Mrs T. Evans, the Misses Sherratt, Miss Sheridan, Miss Shore, Mrs Mather, Miss Moore, Miss C. M. Edwards, Mrs Elvans, Miss Shad Roberts. Miss Fawke, Miss Bamford. CONFIRMATION SERVICE. The Confirmation Service was held at Holy Trinity Church, Llandudno, on Monday in Holy Week by the Lord Bishop of Bangor. Notwithstanding that a Confirmation took place less than a year ago there were no less than fifty-four candidates. By request of the Bishop, the address was given by the Rector, in the presence of a large congregation. The candidates were : ■—i James Douglas Smith, Lynsdale, Mael- gwyn Road; Harry Edwards, Brynoryno Cottage; John Thomas Healey, The Croft, Conway Shore; William Leonard Fisher, Fisher's Hotel, Vaughan Street; Robert Rowlands, Scoltock, Adelphi Street; Bertie Oliver, Stella, Penrhyn Bay; Alfred Keeling, The Anchorage, Deganwy Street; Percy Jacques, 3, Water Street; Albert Bruckshaw, 4, Tudno Street; Edward Jones, 5, Penyffrith; John Bernard Swinnerton, Winson House, Gloddaeth Street; Edgar Garrett, Sunny Hill; Lionel Henry Solly, Sunny Kill; Archibald Oliver, Stella, Penrhyn Bay; Arthur Cb'burn, Tanyfron, Cwlach Street; Sydney Jacques, 3, Water Street; Doris Madge Sleigh, Haulfre, Llan¬ dudno ; Maggie Jones, Tynj^coed; Eliza¬ beth Augusta Pennington, Adelaide Cot¬ tage; Jane Rowlands, Scoltock Villa, Adelphi Street; Htilda Jameson, Plas Fron Deg; Ann Agnes Aitken, Plas Fron Deg; Annie Maud Birch, Ivanhoe, Oraigydon; Jane Edwards, Penymynydd Cottage, Bodaf on; Mary Florence John¬ son, Heald House, Mosiyn Avenue; Annie Ellen Owen, York House, York Road ; Caroline Leech, Woodbine, Church Walks; Alice Elizabeth Leech, Wood¬ bine, Church Walks; Gwendoline Leech, Woodbine, Church Walks; Ada Leech, Woodbine, Church Walks; Ivy Roberts, 98, Mostyn Street; Annie Maria Fairlie, 1, Victoria Street, Oraigydon; Louisa Agnes Crane, Sanatorium; Harriet Frances Hughes^ Denver House, Vaughan Street; Sarah Winifred Hughes, The Hague, Charlton Street; Jane Edwards, Hen Dwr, Bodafon; Freda Weissbeck, Ravenscourt, Clifton Road; Dorothy Hatton, G.F.S. Lodge; Mary Jane Morrison, Cartref Melus, Deganwy iStreet; Ann Harrison Williams, Rock View, Victoria Avenue; Annie Williams, 6, South Parade; Constance Lester,