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JANUARY, 1907. MAY THE NEW* YEAR BE A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS ONE TO YOU ALL. Wo begin tibis number of the Magazine by offering our friends our heartiest good wishes for the New Year that is opening upon us, and we hope that during it each one Will be the recipient of much good and also the means of conveying much good to those who come under their influence. We look back upon the past year with feelings of sincere gratitude for very able help cheerfully and loyally given in carrying out our work, and we are glad to state that the distributors have done their work so well that the circulation has been steadaly maintained at about 612 copies each month. Owing to this the Magazine is now one of the very best advertising mediums in the district, but, we nevertheless thank our friends who have continuously sup¬ porter, us with advertisements, thus enabling the Magazine to be kept up in its present standard and to be sold for one penny a month with still a little margin of profit. The distributors Save kindly volunteered, not .only to continue their work, but also during the coming year to take on the work of district visitors, and thus very considerably increase: their usefulness in the parish. The Magazine is very glad this year to present each of the subscribers with an illustrated Almanac, specially chosen by the lady distributors, and also with a beautiful picture, which we trust, will be appreciated! by our friends. * * * CHURCH INSTRUCTION AND DEFENCE!. On Thursday, the 10th of this month, important meetings will be held at Llan¬ dudno, under the auspicesi of the League for Church Instruction and Church De¬ fence. In the afternoon at conference of workers and members, or those who desire to become members of the League, will be held in the Church House at 3 p.m. It will be attended by representatives from the various parishes of the district. The evening meeting will be at the Town Hall, the doors will 'be open at 7 p.m., and the meeting will begin at 7 30. The speakers will be Mr Arthur Hugbes, who will speak on matters affecting the Cihurch in their bearing towards modern politics. Mr Harry Phillips, who will represent the London Central Council of Cihurch In¬ struction and Cihurch Defence, and the Rev. R. T. Jones, the organising secre¬ tary for the Diocese of Bangor. * * ."» ST. TUDNO'S CHURCH. In the course of last month two beauti¬ fully stained glass windows were placed in St. Tudno's Cihurch, completing the series of windows in stained glass. Both are on the North side, one within the Chancel rails, the other opposite the middle of the Nave. The former is the gift of Mrs Spibey, whose other generous gifts to St. Tudno's Church we have already recorded. The subject of this window is the scene in the Treasury of the widow offering her two mites. The window is an offering by Mrs Spibey in memory of her late husband, Mr Wm. Spibey, and bears the inscription, "In Memoriam, William Spibey." The window referred to opposite the centre of the Nave is the offering of Mrs Piatt, of Clifton Lodge, in memory of her late hus¬ band, Mr John Piatt. The subject is St. John, the Evangelist and Divine'. Beneath the main subject there is the coat- of arms of the late Mr Piatt in the centre, and partly on one side' and partly on the other is the inscription :—"To the Glory of God and in memory of John Piatt, of Clifton Lodge, born 1842, died 1902. The windows which have been excellently worked are each by the well-known firm of John Hardman and Sons, Birmingham. * * * Since the publications the following sub¬ scriptions towards St. Tudno's Restoration have been received : — £ s. d. A Friend ... ... 0 10 0 Mr and Mrs E. W. Johnson 2 2 0