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ST. PAUL'S SCHOLARS' WIACAZlNE. MAY, 1900. PRICE ONE PENNY. The Headmaster's Desk, St. Paul's School, ist May, igoo. The annual distribution of Prizes took place, as you know, last week. To me it is always a very interesting occasion, as it is a good opportunity to study character. Some children like big books, others select books with plenty of pic¬ tures ; some wish a prize with a beautiful cover, whilst others like to have a good look inside the book before they decide. It was also interesting to study children's faces on that day. Some were glowing with pleasure, some looked very sad. A few took no interest in the proceedings. They knew they were not entitled to a prize, but did not care. These are the children who have no ambition ; they do not look forward to something better, and are quite satisfied with being left behind in the race. Ah ! yes. After leaving school these children will not get on in the world. They are the men and women who will do the hard work and the drudgery. I am sorry for them. Boys and Girls ! Look Up ! If there are prizes to be got for attendance or for anything else, try for them. The children who try, are the children who will succeed in life. Some children say " I can't," others are always saying, " / will try." That's it. Try, try, try. Two boys were in a field looking at a high tree, and thinking who could climb to the top. One said, "Ican't." Poor fellow ! The other said, " Iwill try." In half-an-hour "I ca'nt " was still at the bottom, whilst " I'll try " was at the top. It is always the same with everything. " I'LL TRY," GOES UP TO THE TOP. Honours for Attendance. The following children attended full time during the year 1899 :— STANDARD VII. None. STANDARD VI. Mary C. Jones (who walks from Tros- y-eanol every day). STANDARD V. Bertha Hobbs, Lewis H. Thomas. STANDARD IV. Katie Jones, Mona Williams, Mabel Williams, David Gray Thomas, Robert A. Hughes. STANDARD III. Louisa E. Parry, Alice Reeves, Winnie Williams, Catherine J. Hughes, Robert Anderson, John Butler W. J. Thomas. STANDARD II. Eliz. C. Davies, Maggie M. Hughes, R. Hywel Prichard. The following have obtained prizes for THREE YEARS IN SUCCESSION, and were each presented with a beau¬ tiful medal:— STANDARD VII. John H. Parry, Thomas Buekland. STANDARD VI. Laura Jones, Thomas Lloyd Hughes. STANDARD V. Lewis H. Thomas, Henry Edwards, George Alfred James, Robert M. Jones, David Jones, Bertha Hobbs, Mary J. Butler, Graeie Jones. STANDARD IV. Katie Jones, Hughie Davies, Hugh P. Jones, D. Gray Thomas. LIST OF PERFECT ATTENDERS FOR APRIL. Standard I. (on Reg. G. 22, B. 30). Girls—Eliz. A. Caulfield, Gertrude E. Dowty, Maud Edmunds, Mattie Edwards, Hannah Jones, Dilys Jane Lloyd, Catherine Miller, May Williams, Maggie Williams, Ann Jane Jones, Jane Blodwen Jones. Boys—Harold Evans, Samuel Evans, Israel Mayster, Laurie Parry, William Thomas, Richard Butler, Willie O. Davies, G. Idwal Griffiths, Donald McSweeny, John