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ST. PAUL'S SCHOLAR JANUARY, 1900. PRICE ONE PENNY. Headmaster's Desk, 1st January, igoo. It gives me great pleasure to wish all my Scholars, boys and girls A Happy New Year. This greeting is often given and as often per¬ haps accepted thoughtlessly. People say it because it is the custom. But, have you ever thought how much of our happiness depends upon ourselves and how much happiness we may confer upon others ? Have you ever considered it ? You may do much to secure your own happiness during this year. ist by not being Selfish. A boy who grabs everything for himself is never happy. I have known boys, I am sorry to say, who could eat an orange, when a brother was looking on, without offering him a bit. Of course such boys or girls %et the orange but they lose the happiness they might have secured by sharing the orange with others. Many of you on the other hand have felt the pleasure of sharing your good things with others. Oh ! the pleasure. It gives one more real happiness than if you had a thousand oranges and kept them all to yourself. 2nd by helping others. The girls who willingly help their mothers at home know the sweet pleasure of a mother's smile after they have helped her to do the house work. Boys who willingly give up their game in order to help their father have felt the pleasure— oh ! the pleasure—after the work is done, to feel the father's hand on their heads, as if he were giving them God's own blessing for their kindness in helping. But whom are we to help ? Everybody, if you mean to have as much happiness as the New Year can carry on its back for you. Little children when they are in trouble ? Yes. Poor people ? Certainly Old people ? Yes, yes. Help them whenever you get an oppor¬ tunity. I remember an old man over 80 years of age labouring under a heavy burden. Poor old man ! A little boy came by, pitied the old man and offered to bear his burden. He replied " You can't, my boy, it is too heavy for you." " Will you let me try ? " said the boy. " Well, you may," he replied. The boy bent to the work, and to the surprise of the old man took it away like Simson carrying the gate of Gaza. With short steps and tottering the old man came up, put his hand on the little boy's head and said with great feeling " God bless you, my boy." Boys and girls ! That happened thirty-five years ago, but I have not forgotten it. Your master was the little boy who received the old man's blessing. It was one of the brightest and happiest moments of my life. Now, go at it. Help others. Scatter seeds of kindness in every direction and I will ven¬ ture to prophesy for you A Happy New Year. Perfect Attendances STANDARD I. (on Reg. G. 21, B. 20). Girts—Jennie Edwards, Maggie Humphreys, Elizabeth Parry, Jennie Hughes, Gertrude Dovvty, Mattie Edwards, Olwen L. Hughes, Kate Jones, Hannah Jones, Dilys J. Lloyd, Eleanor Thomas, Ceridwen Thomas, May Williams, Maggie Williams, Ann Jane Jones. Boys—'Samuel Evans, Herbert Johnson, Claude Luke, Israel L. Mayster, William Thomas, Henry L. Pritchard, Willie Tiso, Richard Butler, Tommy Davies, Willie O. Davies, Llew Koulkes, G. Idwal Griffiths, Donal McSweeny, Gwyn Rowland, David Rowlands, Richard O. Williams, Bertie Williams, (ieorge Mendus Jones, Gwilym Humphreys.