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f. PAUL'S SCHOL JUNE, 1899. PRICE ONE PENNY Head Master's Desk, ist June, t8q9 At last summer is upon us and the wintry spring has departed. What can boys and girls do for enjoyment out of school hours ? In winter it was football for boys morning, after¬ noon, and evening, but now there must be a change. For boys I cannot recommend a better, a more plesant game than CRICKET It is a manly game and when properly played it teaches the habit of obedience to orders, quickness in action, perseverence and pluck. Unfortunately we have no cricket ground attached to the school premises but the boys may find a fair pitch on the mountain. In every case I would recommend you to appoint an Umpire before commencing the game, because in so doing, you would avoid the quarrels and disputes which sometimes mar the pleasantness of the game. For boys and girls who do not play cricket I would advise COUNTRY WALKS Some children do not enjoy a walk in the country simply because they do not use their eyes—they do not observe. Let them study the colour of each flower, look at its form, count its petals and watch its stamens. If they find anything curious about it and wish for more information let them bring the flower to school and the teacher will give them assistance and information. Now is the time for WILD FLOWERS. and I should be glad if the boys or girls will bring me a specimen of each of the following flowers which can easily be found in the country lanes :—stitch-wort (white), red deadnettle, wild strawberry (white), fox glove (reel), and others. Then there are the leaves which are all full of interest if you only notice their various forms and try to draw them on paper. In doing this you could not iail to see the veins or very very small pipes in the leaves through which the juices flow. Some have three lobes (or parts) some five and some only one. Take them up, LOOK AT THEM ! and I am sure if you do this you will find great pleasure and. a means of education in taking a walk to the country. Perfect Attenders. STANDARD I. No. on Reg.—G. 26, B. 35. Girls—Eliz. C. Davies, Ellen Davies, Nellie O. Davies, Jennie Edwards, Eliz. A. Humphreys, Maggie Humph¬ reys, Sarah C. Hughes, Jennie Hughes, Maggie M. Hughes, Bessie Jones, Ellen Jones, Gertrude E. Jones, Lily Kaye, Katie Owen, Hannah M. Roberts, Jennie Thomas, Maggie Thomas, Norah Wynne. Boys—Laurie Casburn, Arnold Dargie, Willie Davies, Theophilus Evans. Richard H. Evans, Harold Evans, Robert Hughes, Ellis Jones, Noah Jones, Willie O. Jones, Willie P. Jones, Richard Owen, Robert H. Prichard, William Roberts, Robert G. Roberts, Wm. J. Williams, Samuel Evans, Hughie Pritchard. STANDARD II. No. on Reg.—G. 30, B. 61. Girls—G. Mary Evans, Dora Hughes, Evelyn M.Jones, Catherine M. Jones, Gertrude Littler, Ada O. Mitchell, Emily Pare, Louisa E. Parry, Gwladys Richards, Laura G. Williams, Ellen Williams. Boys—Griffith J. Owen, Eben. Rowlands, C. Smith, Wm. J. Thomas, R. Anderson,* John Bartley, Johnny Butler, R. Daniels, Wm. J. Davies, D. W. Edwards, J. O. Williams, Teddie Eaton, Idwal W. Francis, John L. Hughes, J. Lloyd Hughes, J. Gwilym Hughes, John Hughes, Walter S. James, John R. Jones. Edgar Lloyd Jones, Wm. T. Jones, Robert Jones, Richard Jones, W. S. Millvvard, John Owen, Willie Owen, David Owen, John Roberts, William Rowlands. * Omitted last month.