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ST. PAUL'S SCHOU MARCH, 1899. PRICE ONE PENNY The Headmaster's Desk, St. Paul's School. March ist, i8gg. It gives me great pleasure this month to praise the children for coming to school punctually. Latecomers have been very few in number. In several cases the parents are more to blame than the children, especially, 1 am sorry to say—the mothers who are lazy. I say this is in a few cases. But do not think for a moment that I disparage or ignore the sacrifices made by many of the mothers of our scholars. Many of them I know work hard and sacrifice their own comfort cheerfully for the sake of their children. They do this quietly and without attracting the least attention, but they are doing noble work, and will certainly be deemed by the Master worthy of the heavenly welcome : " Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Inasmuch as thou hast done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, thou hast done it unto me." We are all sorry for the prolonged illness of one cf the P.T's.—David Ivor Williams. He deserved and gained the esteem and affection of the scholars, and we all wish him a speedy recovery. I have now to record a very unusual occurence in connection with St. Paul's School. Mr. Wickens has kindly offered to present the school with a set of photographs for decoration. The only other occasion during the last 10 years on which the school has been so kindly treated was last summer, when Alderman and Mrs. Cameron so handsomely entertained the School Band and the Upper Standards. We wish to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Wickens. The scholars will be pleased to learn that the " giant's strides " are to be repaired and set up again. The talent of some of the scholars has been dormant since these means of fun and recreation were last used. We are all delighted when we find some of our old scholars still showing an interest in '• St. Paul's." We have repeatedly received valuable additions to the school museum from sonu of our " old boys." This month we have received a specimen of crushed lead ore from John Roberts, Hendrewen Road. As a personal favour may I request parents who wish to speak to me to communicate by letter or call at the school at 11 o'clock. I am sometimes detained on my way to school, or parents call at my residence, and detain me when I am about starting to school. Please write to me, if necessary, or call at the school at 11 o'clock. I regret the errors and omissions made in " Our Scholar's Magazine " for February :— St. I.—Nellie O. Davies made full time_/or the year 1898. St. I.—Maggie M. Hughes ,, ,, January St. II. —Edgar LI. Jones St. II.—Tommy Griffiths ,, ,, ,, List of Perfect Attenders for February. STANDARD I. (on Reg. G. 25, B. 35). Girls—Elizabeth C. Davies, Ellen Davies, Nellie ©. Davies, Jennie Edwards, Eliz. A. Humphreys, Maggie Humphreys, Maggie M. Hughes, Gracie Jones, Bessie Jones, Lily Kaye, Katie Owen, Elizabeth Parry, Jennie Thomas. Boys—Arnold Dargie, Willie Davies, Theophilus Evans, Harold Evans, Ellis Jones, Noah Jones, Willie O. Jones, Israel Mayster, Willie Owen, Laurie Parry, Robert H. Pritchard, William Roberts, William Thomas, William J. Williams, Samuel Evans, llughie Pritchard. STANDARD II. (on Reg. G. 30. B. 66). Girls— Elita M. Anderson, Edith M. Evans, Catherine Mary Jones, Mary Elizabeth Lewis, Emily Oare, Mar¬ garet Anne Parry, Louisie E. Parry, Gwladys Richards, Maggie Roberts, Blanche Maude Williams, Ellen Williams. Boys—David McBurney, Richard F. Rowlands, William Brown Williams, Robert Edward Williams, Hughie Jones, John llu-hes, John Pritchard, William Rowlands, Ted. . P Eaton, Walter S. James, David Owen, Edgar LI. Jones, Robert Jones, Thomas Evans,