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ST. PAUL'S SCHOLARS' NIACAZiNE. DECEMBER, 1898. P^ICE ONE PENNY The Headmaster's Desk, St. Paul's School. It is not too late I hope to congratulate two of our old scholars, who, it appears, are doing excel¬ lent work at Friars School. I refer to Arthur Bracegirdle and Thomas Glynne Williams. They were awarded scholarships from St. Paul's last year, and this term their scholarships have been renewed for another year. This proves that their conduct and their work are highly satisfactory. It will afford me great pleasure at all times to record in this column the success of any of our old scholars. I am often delighted by proofs of the honesty of some of our pupils Occasionally a child brings me a half-penny, a knife, or a purse containing money picked up on the road. If the owner cannot be found the scholar retains the property. Even worthless articles are some¬ times brought to me, but those cases prove the honesty of the child. Boys and girls ! be honest, not because " honesty is the best policy" not because it suits you just then, but Be honest because it is right. I am sorry Standard II. cuts a sorry figure in our attendance competition. Now for this month— Play up Standard II. LIST OF PERFECT ATTENDERS FOR NOVEMBER. STANDARD I. (on Reg. G. 32, B. 24). GWj—Elizabeth Catherine Davies, Nellie Davies, Ellen Davies, Dora Hughes, Jennie Hughes, Grade Jones, Bessie Jones, Lily Kaye, Katie Owen, Louisa E. Parry, Jennie Thomas. Boys— Robert Anderson, Johnny Butler, Richard Evans, Theophilus Evans, Tommy Griffiths, John LI. Hughes, Richard Jones, Willie Owen, William Roberts, Willie Davies; STANDARD II. (on Reg. G. 29, B. 53). Gins-—Florence L. Gertie Jones, Catherine Mary Jones, Annie Olwen Lloyd, Edith McCarter, Emily Oare, Margaret Ann Parry, Maggie Roberts, Bessie Foulkes. Boys—Thomas Davies, Griffith John Owen, David McBurney, Arthur Glynn Lloyd Hughes, Edward James Buckland, Robert Daniels, William James Davies, David William Edwards, Thomas Evans, John Richard Jones, William Selwyn Millward, Owen P. Rowlands, William John Thomas, John Owen Williams, Henry Jones. STANDARD III. (on Reg. G. 44, B. 33). * Girls—Mary J. Butler, Annie Brown, Nellie Davies, Winnie M. Hughes, Grace Jones, Katie Jones, Catherine H. Jones, Rachel Mayster, Kate Alice Williams, Mona Williams, Martha M. Owens, Nellie Williams, Blodwen Lloyd Hughes. Boys—Hughie Davies, John Francis Evans, William Fenn, Arthur Humphreys, Charles H. Jones, Hugh P. Jones, Flowell Edward Lewis, Teddie Owen, F'red. Savage, David G. Thomas, John R. Williams, Ellis J. Morris, John Morris, Llewelyn O'Donald. STANDARD IV. (on Reg. G. 34, B. 43). Girls—Olwen Daniels, Bertha Hobbs, Millie Hughes, Mary Catherine Jones, Marie Littler, Maggie Owen (b), Annie Prytherch, Mary Williams. Boys—Robert John Buckland, Albert Davies, Stanley Evans, Rt. Flughes, Glyn Harding, David Jones, Joseph Thomas Jones, Robert Morris Jones, Benjamin Roberts, Lewis Plenry Thomas, Hywel Ven. Williams, Richard Williams. STANDARD V. (on Reg. G. 31, B. 30). Girls—Laura, Jones, Amy Owen, Lily Roberts, Lizzie Hughes,.Mary Foulkes. Boys—Robert David FYailkes, Frank Gill, Thomas Lloyd Flughes, David Owen Hughes, William Samuel Flughes, Owen David Hughes, David Jones, John Horatio Millward, William Thomas Owen, John Henry Parry, Herbert T. Williams, Richard Williams, Oswald Griffith. STANDARD VI. (on Reg. G. 15, B. 6). Girls—Mary Grace Hughes, Annie Hughes, Lizzie Jones, Ceridwen Williams. Boys—Thos. Buckland, |ohn Davies, Mosley Hughes, Teddie Rowlands, John Rowlands, Robert J. Williams. STANDARD VII. (on Reg. G. 3, B. 14.) Boys—fohn William Jones, Basil Jones, D. Lloyd Hughes, Llewelyn Richards, Richard Henry Williams. Best Class for Attendance. Hurrah for Standard I. ! The little ones have again proved that they can make a desperate fight for this honourable space. September was their last victory, and here they are again carrying everything before them. All the other classes, with the exception of Standard III., suffer a