St. PAUL'S SCHOLARS' WIACAZlNE. NOVEMBER, 1898. PRICE ONE PENNY The Headmaster's Desk, St. Paul's School. I am pleased when I am able to praise, but it grieves me when I have to find fault. This time I have to address a few words seriously to some of the parents who have not yet considered the importance of regular atten¬ dance at School. Last Monday week I was very sorry to find that some parents—respectable parents—had kept their children from School and taken them to Menai Bridge Fair. The day, as usual, was wet and dirty, but of course the children had to be dragged through the dirt into the Fair. Such parents never consider the result of the actions. They never think that not only do they keep the children away from School for a day, but that they make it much more difficult for the teacher to secure their children's attention— perhaps for the remainder of the week. That means nearly a week lost owing to the false kindness of a father or mother. Once more—and it cannot be done too often —I wish to impress upon parents, if they wish their children to be successful in School and in after-life, The Importance of Regular Attend¬ ance at School. List of Perfect Attenders for October. STANDARD I. Girls—Catherine Caulfield, Elizabeth Cath. Davies, Nellie Owen Davies, Edith Mary Evans, Sarah Catherine Hughes, Ellen Davies, Dora Hughes, Bessie Jones, Ellen Jones, lily Kaye, Louisa Ellen Parry, Gladys Richards, Jennie Thomas. Boys—Robert Anderson, Jonny Butler, Richard Hugh Evans, Theophilus Evans, Tommy Griffiths, John Lloyd Hughes, John Gwilym Hughes, Richard Jones, Ellis Jones, Willie Owen, Robert Griffith Roberts, Ebenezer Rowlands, Robert Hughes. Girls—Eliza M. McCarter, Emily Foulkes. STANDARD II. Anderson, Myfanwy Hughes, Edith Oare, Ceridwen Williams, Bessie Boys—Edward James Buckland, David Ivor Edwards, John H. Edwards, John R. Jones, Owen P. Rowlands, William John Thomas, Teddie Parry Eaton, John Owen Williams, Henry Jones, William Rowlands, John Pritchard. STANDARD III. Girls—Mary Jane Butler, Nellie Davies, Catherine M. Jones, Grace Jones, Katie Jones, Martha Mary Owens, Florence Kate Evans, Sarah J. Billington, Cissie Davies, Alice Clarke. Boys—-David Dargie, John Francis Evans, William Fenn, Robert Arthur Hughes, Charles H. Jones, Howell Edward Lewis, Freddie Savage, John Robert Williams, Llewelyn O'Donald. STANDARD IV. Girls—Lizzie Bartley, Annie Downs, Olwen Daniels, Jane E. Davies, Bertha Hobbs, Millie Hughes, Florence W. Jones, Mary C. Jones, Maggie femes, Maggie Owen (b), Margaret Pritchard, Mary Roberts, Jane Thomas, Agnes Williams, Dorothy Williams. Boys—Henry Edwards, Henry Evans, Stanley Evans, Robert Hughes, George A. James, Richard Heaton Jones, Joseph Thomas [ones, Robert Morris Jones, William J. Muir, Ernest O'Donald, Robert Owen, Thomas Pritchard, Benjamin Roberts, Robert Roberts, Lewis H. Thomas. STANDARD V. Girls—Morfudd Davies, Catherine E. Hughes, Laura Jones, Maggie Jones, Emily Lovibond, Jennie Owen, Mabel Roberts, Louis Maude Williams, Mimmie Foulkes. Boys—John Henry Abram, Owen Butler, Robert T. Davies, Frank Griffith, Frank Gill, Thomas L. Hughes, William S. Hughes, Owen D. Hughes, William Thomas Owen, Hubert T. Williams, Richard Williams. STANDARD VI. Girls—Mary A. Davies. Laura E. Hughes, Jennie Jones, Katie Jones, Lizzie Jones. Boys—-Thomas Buckland, John Davies, Richard Jones, Teddie Rowlands, John Rowlands.