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ST. PAUL'S SCHOLARS' JULY, 1898. PRICE ONE PENNY. The Headmaster's Desk, St. Paul's School. The Inspector's Annual Report and the second instalment of the " Original Story," will take up so much space this month that I must defer my address. List of Perfect Attenders during June. STANDARD I. Girls—Eliz. Catherine Davies, Nellie Owen Davies, Sarah Catherine Hughes, Eliz. A. Humphreys, Ellen Davies, Dora Hughes, Gracie Jones, Bessie Jones, Ellen Jones, Lily Kaye, Louisa Ellen Parry, Gladys Richards, Jennie Thomas. Boys—Robert Anderson, John Bartley, Johnny Butler, Richard H. Evans, Theophilus Evans, Tommy Griffiths, John Lloyd Hughes, John Gwilym Hughes, Cadwaladr O. Jones, Richard Jones, William Roberts, Robert G. Jones, Ebenezer Rowlands. STANDARD II. Girls—Eliza M. Anderson, Florence Jones, Gertrude Littler, Madge Muir, Maggie Roberts, Blanche N. Williams, Maude Ceridwen Williams. Boys,—Thoiflas Davies, William Buckland, Griffith J. Owen, John Lewis Hughes, William J. Jones, Thomas Walsh, George Hartley, George Ellis, Willie Francis Brown, Edward James Buckland, William James Davies, David W. Edwards, David Ivor Edwards, John Hand, John Richard Jones, Owen P. Rowlands, Robert W. Thomas, Thomas Thomas, William [. Thomas, Robert Thomas, Teddie P. Eaton, John O. Williams, Cadwaladr Jones, Willie Owen, Henry Jones. STANDARD III. Girls—Annie Brown, Nellie Davies, Jane C. Hughes, Catherine M. Jones, Grace Jones, Katie Jones, Maggie C. |ones, Rachel Mayster, Kate Alice Williams, Miriam Griffith, Martha Mary Owen, K. Florence Evans, Sarah J. Billington. Boys—Hughie Davies, David Dargie, Wm. Edwards, William Fenn, Robert A. Hughes, Emyr Humphreys, Griffith Jones, Charles Henry Jones, Lewis Jones, Hugh Price Jones, William Luke, Teddie Owen, Fred Savage, Noel Savage, William Miller, David Gray Thomas, Thomas Williams, John Robert Williams. STANDARD IV. Girls—Lizzie Bartley, Alice Williams, Bertha Hobbs, Milly Hughes, Maggie Jones, Maggie Owen (b), Annie Pritchard (l>-, Maggie E, Pritchard, Mary Roberts, Jane Thomas, Jennie Williams. Boys—Henry Atherton, Donald Cameron, Fred Dargie, John Davies, Plenry Evans, Stanley Evans, Glyn Harding, George A. James, William Plenry Jones, Owen 'ones, Joseph T. Jones, Robert Morris Jones, Freddie Mitchell, Morris Owen, Robert Owen, Samuel Owen, Thomas Pritchard, Benjamin Roberts, Lewis Henry Thomas, Griffith W. Williams, Howel V. Williams, John Richard Williams, William Hughes. STANDARD V. Girls—Miriam Bartley, Laura Jone.i, Maggie [ones, Mabel Roberts, Nellie Thomas, L'>uie M. Williams, Annie Williams, Nellie Brown Williams, Lily Roberts. Boys—Owen Butler, Robert Thomas Davies, Griffith Griffiths, Thomas LI Hughes, David O. Hughes, Wm. Samuel Hughes, Robert John Jones, David |ones, David Wynne Jones, Robert Thomas Davies, William Rees Jones, John Horatio Millward, John Hy. Parry, Robert O. Williams, Richard Williams, Oswald Griffiths. STANDARD VI. Girls—Mary Ann Davies, Edilh Marian Davies, Nelly Evans, Mary E. Hughes, Annie Hughes, Jenny Jones, Katie Jones, Lizzie |ones, Mary Elizabeth Owen, Mary Elizabeth Williams, Edith Williams, Margaret Francis. Boys—Thomas Buckland, fohn Davies, Richard Jones, Morley Hughes, Teddie Rowlands. John Rowlands, Flerbert E. Rogers, Robert J. Willtams, John R. Williams. STANDARD VII. Girls—Catherine Ellen Jones, Gwladys [ones, Evis A. Whitlock, Catherine Williams, Bronwen Williams. Boys—Teddie Brown, Wallace Bayne, John Jones, John William Jones, Basil Jones, David Stephen Jones, Rd. Owen (a), Richard Owen (b), Cecil Pugh, Elias O. Williams, Richard ily. Williams, Hugh R. Williams. Best Class for Attendance. It is very gratifying to find the interest mani¬ fested and the efforts displayed by the scholars and teachers in securing this space of honourable mention for excellent attendance. Standard I. took everything before them at the beginning, and then Standard V. showed that it was possible to beat the 'youngsters.' This month the honours have gone to Standard III. This class has worked hard for the last two months, and their labours are rewarded by defeating Standard V. It has been almost a drawn battle between Standard III. and Standard VI. for June. But Standard III. has the best percentage. The numbers are : Total attendances, 2,001 ; No. on Register, 72 ; Times open, 30 ; Average, 667 ; Percentage, 917.