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SIXPENCE. Hk W^ 4.- FONTE5 • j>ZZ*£. 111 C^wf*' **«** ° l£** l|c[^"''',,,,'€jjj^ *»f Contents. •Dean Vaughan. Degree Day. Degree Day Ode. Letter from Prince of Wales. First Impressions of Aberdare Hall Tramps. •Appointment of Professor of Greek In Honour of the Chucker-out. -A 19th Century Martyr. Echoes from the Halls of Wales. Our Heroes at Oxford. Editorial Jottings. College Notes and News. Exam. Lists. Aberdare Hall Notes. Societies. ■Athletics. Literary Contributions should be sent to Mr. A. H. H. Organ or Miss G. W. Horsnaill, and Subscriptions to Mr. J. G. Phillips, University College, Cardiff. ---------:o:--------- The Subscription for the Session is i\6 ; by post, ijg.