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Pfice ONE FENNY.'] THE {OCTOBER, 1896. ffiarceatrg; fplrjiimmt %x$asx% Contents :— Oswestry Pulpit Supplies and Church News. The Good Citizen. By the Rev. EVAN JONES. Christianity without Doctrines. By the Rev. W. GLYNNE, B.A. The Simplicity of Christ and His Kingdom. The English Conference. Notes on the English Conference. By the Revs. W. HINTON TONES and J. PULFORD WILLIAMS. A Handful of Summer Fruit. Notes and Comments. Competition : Is it right ? Our Mission Field. Notes by the Rev. JOSIAH THOMAS, M.A, North Wales Quarterly Association. Newport Forward Movement. Letter from Rev. SETH JOSHUA. The Presbyteries; Temperance up and down the country. In Memoriam : The late Mr. Benjamin Williams, Tredegar. New Catechisms. News of the Churches. Light to die with. DOLGELLEY: PRINTED BY E. W. EVANS, "GOLEUAD'r OFFICE.