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Pnce ONE FENfrF.~\ THE <&SMstrn' §ii#||tepn Spswr^ Contents :— Oswestry Pulpit Supplies and Church News. Religion Without Theology. By the Rev. W. GLYNNE, B.A. Life of Jesus. By the Rev. JOHN OWEN, Tonypandy. Auld Lang Syne. The Structure of the First Psalm. Confidential. Oxford Letter. By J. S. ROOSE. Notes and Comments. Ministers' and Missionaries' Prayer Union. The Book of Judges. Rev. T. J. Wheldon, B.A., on Church Praise. A Temperance Town. North Wales Quarterly Association The Pan-Presbyterian Council. The Presbyteries. News of the Churches. The Story of the Chain. dolgeixey: PRINTED by e. W. EVANS, "goleuad" office.