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"8Éra iRO tra grgthmt," Rhif 3.] TREMÀDOG: DYDD GẀENER, GORPHENHAF 9, 1858. [Pris 2o. REDUCTION IN FARES & FREIGHTS. STEAM COMMt'NICATION BETWEEN LITERPOOL, ABERYSTWTTH, & BRISTOL, TARING IN GOODS OR PASSENGERS FOR HOLYHEAD. PORTMADOC, ABERDOVEY, ABERAYRON, OR tJEW QUAY. THE Cambrian Steam Packet Company (Limited), unless prevented by any unforeseen occurence, will dispatch, with Goods and Passengers, their New and Powerful Screw Steamer THE PLYNLYMON, Captain William Wraight, Master, or some other suitable vessel, as under :—> Monday, 12th July, at Six p.tn. Leav« BRISTOL for Aberystwyth, proceeding to Liverpool, and calling off Holyhead and Amlwch, on the 15th instant, for Passengeis only. Friday, l§th July,. at One p.m. Lsavb LIVERPOOL for Holyhead, Portmadoc, and Abbrys- twyth, calling óff Amlwch for Passengers, and proceeding to Bristol. Thursday, 29th July, at Sevcn a.m. Lbaye BRISTOL for Aberystwyth, proceeding to Liyerpool, and calling off Holyhead and Amlwch, for Passengers only, on the 31 st instant. The Çambrian Steam Packet Company (Limited), reserve to them- selves the powei of delivering all Goods consigned by Parties residing within two miles of their office at Aberystwyth by their own Carter3, as and when they think necessary. Loading BeRTHat Liveiîpool, South-east sideof Clarence Basin.— Ditto at Bristol, Cumberland Basin. FARES.— From Liverpool and Bbistol tö Aberystwyth, Portmapoc, Aerrayron', Aberdovey, Cardigan, or New Quay, CABIN, 12s.: STEERAGE, 7s. ' From Liverpool to Holyhead, Cabin, 5s.; Steerage, 3s. Between either Aberystwyth, Aberayron, Aberdovey,Cardigan, New Quay, Portmadoc, or Holyhead, Cabin. 9s.; Steeraoe, 6s. Betw-een Liyerpool and Amlwch, Cabin, 3s. 6d.; Deck. 2s. 6d. Between Amí.wch and Holyhead, ls.6d. N. B,—Excellent Acco umodat,on for Pussengers, and 'a Stewardess on JBoard. For Fre"ghts, and further particulars, apply to the Agents E. T. Turner, 12, Quay Street, Bristol; William Siddorns, Holyhead; HenryCullifotd, Aberystwyth; Griffith Williams, Aberayron; William Lloyd, Tanybryn, Aberdovey; F. A. Tamplin, Columbia BúiWings, Brunswick Street, Liverpool; Hugh Hughes, Amlwch; to the Managing Director, W. S. Crealock, at the Company's Head Offices, Parthenon Chambers, 14, Regent Street, London ; or to BENNETT WILLUMS, Harbour Oŷiee, P&rimadoe. CHEAP SEA EXCURSION. The Cambrian Steam Packet Company (Limited,) Will (Weather permitting,) provided a sufficient numfeer of Ticket* are disposed of, dispatch THE PLYNLYMON STEAMER FOR an Excursion from PORTMABOC, on MONDAY, the 19th of JULY, 1858, Embarking Passengers from the Harbour, and Sailing punctually at 10 o"clock A.M., TO DUBLIN, Via Aber- ystwyth, arriving atDublin the raorning of the 21st, and leaving on the evening of the 22nd. Parties desirous of remaining loiiger, may, by returningto Liverpool or Holyhead, be conveyed by the Plynlym- on to Portmadoc from those ports on producing their Ticket, up to the 20th August next,/ree ofcharge. SALOON FASE TO & FSO, 20s. REFRESHMENTS ON BOARD. BçÜT Tichets to be procured at the Compamfs Offices, up to the 16th inatant, after which day none can be issued. Patr<mized by Eer Majesty's Stationery Oflìce. ÌJÊL ffiiBEISLBILIL'S BEGISTRATION IKK. Manufactured for the Use of Registrars of Births, Beaths, and ÎYÎarriages AND WARRANTED MADE WITH GALLS. HMORRELL respectfully solicits the attention of At- • torneys, Bankers, Merchants, and the Public, to hia SUPERIOR OFFICE INK. It has been chemically tested, and is the Ink specially selected by Government for the Registrar* of Births, Deaths, and Marriayes, and is also useù iu all Gover>iment Ojfices. This Ink is a fine permanent black flüid; it is suitable for qùill or steel pens, and for general mercantile purposes. Sold in Pint and Quart Bottles, Imperial Measure, at 1«. and 2s. each ; and in small Bottles, at 6d. each. Sold Wholesale at the Manufactory, No, 149, FLEET STREET, L0NB0N; And may be had Retail of Catherall. Humphreys, Bangor; Humphreys, Carnarvon ; Jones, Llanrwst; Gee, Denbigh; Monis, Evans, Holywell; Pring and Piice, Mold; S. Jone», Jones & Son, Ruthin; Saunderson, Bala; Hughea, P»inb«r, Wr»xh*ai; Jone*, Trennsdoc.