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V ' ÌLÌllaiÀ k%t " mn mw tra %ûìẅ! Rhif 1. TREMADOG: DYDD GWENER, MEHEFIN 25, 1858 Pris 2g. STOCK NEWYDD HARDD A FASEIONABLE 0 DEAPEEY GÒODS AT Y TYMHOR HAF. MAE JAMESWILLIAMS, SHOP PWLLDEFAID, PWLLHELI, YN galw sylw trigolion Lleyn ac Eifionydd at ei STOCK helaeth o BOB IVfÂTH O DRAPERY GOODS Sydd newydd ddyfod adref o hrif Farchnadoedd y Deyrnas yn neillduol ei STOCK O SHAWLS, Paisleys, Barages, Lamas, Indianas, Fields, a Cashmeres, yn yr holl ffashiynau newyddaf. DítESSES, Shìanau, Satinetts, Crapes, Barages, Delanes, Eancy Flounced Dresses, ditto Military, ditto Double Skirt. Hefyd lot o Coburg 5c. y llath, cystal a'r rhai a werthwyd aai löc. y flwyddyn ddiweddaf. Lot o Fbench Mebinoes 2s. y llath, yn gydwerth a'r rhai a werthwydd am 3s. 3c. Brethynau dau led, 2s. 6c, 3s., 4s., a 5s. y llath. Woollen Cords, Doesldns, yn nghyd ag amrywiaeth fawr o Fancy Teowsers. Velvet, Satin, Plush a Brocaded Waistcoatings. Carpets, Druggets, White Counterpanes, Dicldngs, a Sheetings. Hetiau, Bonnets, Parasols, Stays. Manyg, Hancetsi Sidan, &c. Musiin Collars, Flowers, Feathers, Ribannau, Lace, &c. Damask Moreens, Muslin Hangings, Table Cloths and Covers. Pob math o Esigidáü i Feibion, Merchaid, a.Phiant. DAVID JONES, DMEER ÂWD APPRAISER, TREMADOC, BEGS most respectfully to return thanics to his mimerous supporters, and trusts, from iús long experience, that he shall aiways be able to conduct all Sales intrusted to hini to the bcst advantaee. ESTIMATES, VALUATIONS, COLLECTING, &c. Done on tiie most Reasonable Terms. REDÜCTION IN FARES. STEAM COMMÍJNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, ABERYSTWYTH, & BRISTOL, TARING IN GOODS OR PASSENGERS FOR HOLYHEAD. PORTMADOC, ABERP9VEY, ABERAYRON, OR NEW QUAY. rpHE Cambrian Steam Packet Company (Limited), unless prevented J_ by any unforeseen occurence, wilí dispatch, with Goods and Passengers, their New and Powerful Screw Steamer Captain William Wraight, Master, or some other suitable vessel, as under :—• Saturday, 19 th June, at Three p.m., Leave LIVERPOOL for Holyhead, Portmadoc, and Aberys- twyth, calling oíf Amlwch, and proceo>ding to Bristol. Saturday, 26th June, at Five p.m. Leave BRISTOL for Aberystwyth, proceeding to Liverpool, and calling off Holyhead and Amlwch for Passengers only. N.B.—The Plynlymon may be expected off Holyhead and Amlwch, to take Passengers thence to Liverpooî, on the 12th, 17th, and 30th instants, and will arrive from Liverpool off these ports on the I5th, and 19th instants, or as near thereto as the weather will permit. The Camhrian Steam Pachet Company (Limited), reserve to them- selves the powei of delivering all Goods consigned by Parties residing within two miles of their office at Aberystwyth by their own Carters, as and when they think necessary. Loading BERTnat Liverpool, South-east side of Clarence Basin.— Dîtto at Bristol, Cumberland Basin. FARES.— From Liverpool and Bbistol to Aberystwyth, Portmadoc, Abf.rayron, Aberdovey, Cardigan, or New Quay, CABIN, 12s. : STEERAGE, 7s. " From Liverpool to Holyhead, Cabin, 5s.; Steerage, 3s. BetweeneitherABERYSTWYTii,ABERAYRON, Aberdovey,Cardigan, New Quay, Portmadoc, or Holyhead, Cabin. 9s.; Steerage, 6s. Between Liverpool and Amlwch, Cabin, 3s. 6d.; Deck. 2s. 6d. Between Amlẁch and Holyhead, ls. 6d. N.B.—Excellent Acco.nmodation for Passengers, and a Síewardess on Board. For Fre'ghts, and further particulars, apply to the Agents-E. T. Turner, 12, Quay Street, Bristol; William Siddorns, Holyhead-; HenryCulliford, Aberystwyth; GriffithWllriams, Aberayron; William Lloyd, Tanybryn, Aberdovey; F. A. Tamplin, Columbia Buildings, Brunswich Street, Liverpool; Hugh Hnghes, Amlwch; to the Managing Director, W. S. Crealock, at the Company's Head Offices, Parthenon Chambers, 14, Regent Street, London ; or to BENNETT WILLIAMS, Harbour Office, Portmadoc.