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THE ILLUSTRATED WREXHAM ARGUS AND NORTH WALES ATHLETE. Edited by Arthur Wm. Berkeley. No. 3151 OCTOBER, 1910. [2d. NOTES AND NOTIONS. The Hon. W. Ormsby Gore, M.P., sailed early in September in the " Eoyal Edward " for Canada. At the last meeting of the General Purposes Committee of the Corporation, the Surveyor reported that, at the present time 41 houses were in course of erection in the borough. At the same meeting, plans were passed for 22 more houses and a Primitive Methodist Chapel, the latter to be built in Poyser*street. The owner.-! of the Shrewsbury racecourse, which is 100 acres in extent, have decided to cut, up the land into building sites, with a view to the construction of a garden city. Ft The plans provide for roomy and picturesque houses, ■ he making of pretty gardens and streets, and a central park for the inhabitants of the city. The grand stand and other buildings are to demolished. These offices will be over the new Bank which is to be erected on the site of the Lion House. At the Brynffynnon Wesleyan Church, on the 5th ult., a hearty welcome was extended to the new ministers to the Wrexham circuit, the Rev. T. H. Mallinson, B.A., of London, and the Rev. Thos. Witler, of Blackburn. Preliminary work has been commenced for the re-open¬ ing under the Light Railways Act of the old Potteries line, extending from Shrewsbury to Llanymynech, and the Dinas Mawddwy Railway in Montgomeryshire. Both lines have been closed a great number of years, owing to lack of capital, and had become covered with trees and brushwood. Gan^s of men are at present engaged in clearing away what are now veritable jungles. Although the work of restoring botn roads, and repairing some of the bridges and renewing others, is likely to occupy a year, it is hoped to re-open the two railways next summer. It is announced that Mr John Jonej, the donor of St. John's Church, Hightown, has provided funds for the up¬ keep of the services in it. ■He has handed over to Trustees the sum of £3,500, the interest of which, about, £125, is to be applied annually towards providing the stipend of a cnrate-in- charge for the church and district. Mr Dutton (Messrs Strachan & Evans) secured fir: Prize for daik honey, and second prize for light honey, ; st ........ .........7 . t „. at the Ruthin Horticultural Show. * He also received first prize for honey in section. The competition was open to North Wales. The work in connection with the Regent-street improve¬ ments have been completed, with the exception that the porch in front of Messrs Bury and Acton's offices has not been removed, owing to the firm asking that the same may "e allowed to remain until after their new offices in High-street are built. Commenting upon the Church Extension Scheme, the following remarks appear in the " Ruridecanal Magazine": "At the end of two years it is gratifying to think that three out of four buildings have been completed, and are in full working order. A detailed and duly audited statement will be published when the whole scheme is completed. In the meantime, it may interest the numerous sup¬ porters of the scheme to have an approximate statement of account, to date. The large sum of £18,352 5s. 2d. has been expended, tile whole of vhich has been raised with the exception of £1, 00, which stands as an overdraft at the bank. £11,500 of this has been given by Mr John Jones, and the piogress already made has been rendered possible by his splendid generosity. I trust that the noble example set by Mr Jones will be an additional stimulus to our Church Community not to rest until the overdraft at the bank is wiped out, and the new church for the Ruthin- road district has been provided.