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THE ILLUSTRATE!; WREXHAM ARGUS NORTH WALES ATHLETE. Edited by Arthur Wm. Berkeley. No. 314 SEPTEMBER. 1910. f2d. NOTES AND NOTIONS. We understand that under the will of Mr J. H. N. Walford, the-Ruyton Towers estate, subject to a life interest in favour of Mrs Walford, is bequeathed to Col. li. H. W. Dunn, of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Mr Walford's eldest son, John Ashton Henshaw, who went through the siege of Mafeking, and died at sea in 1903 while on the voyage home, served in the same regiment under Col. Dunn, and between the two a strong attachment sprang up. Through the kindness of Messrs Bury and Acton, a distinct improvement has been effected in front of their offices in Regent Street. Previously, the windows were protected from the foot¬ path by iron railings, and when the Church House was built, these stood out very prominently. Messrs Bury and Acton made an offer to the Corporation that if they would remove the Tailings, the ground they covered could be added to the footpath. This the Corporation gladly accepted, and the improve¬ ment has now been effected. jC A far greater improvement in this part of the town could be secured if tha County Council would set back the wall in front of the County Buildings. The footpath here is very narrow, and the wall could be set back without inconvenience to anyone, and with great advantage to the general community. The Grand Master of the Manchester Unity of Odd¬ fellows, speaking recently at Belle Vue, in connection with the centenary celebrations, declared that the tendency of recent Liberal legislation was to penalise and discourage thrift, and was substituting an enervating dependence on State assistance for the sturdy self-help fostered by the friendly societies. It is refreshing to hear the truth spoken occasionally. There are too many Mr Ores about. Mr Archibald Peel, a cousin of Viscount Peel, ex-Speaker of the House of Commons, died recently at his home at Wormley, Hertfordshire, at the age of 82. Although of advanced age, Mr Peel was found of riding, and only three days before his death went out on his favourite pony. He was afterwards found lying by the roadside at Brox- bourne. He was able to walk home, and next day went to church. A day later, however, he became ill and gradually sank. Mr Peel was a son of Lieut.-General Peel, a former Secretary for War. The deceased gentleman, in lb57, married Miss Mary Ellen, only daughter of Sir Wm: Henry Roger Palmer, and sister of the late Sir Roger Palmer. They lived at The Gerwyn, neai Wrexham, for a number of years, but in 1853 Mrs Peel died, leaving a son and two daughters. In 1867, Mr Peel married Lady Georgina Adelaide Russell, eldest daughter of the first Earl Russell, by his marriage with Lady Ribblesdale, widow of the second Lord Ribblesdale. By his second wife, who survives him, Mr Peel leaves issue—three sons and three daughters. It was after his second marriage that Mr Peel moved to the residence in which he recently died. At one time the deceased took an active part in county business in Denbighshire, and was a Deputy Lieutenant and justice of the peace for the county. He was also for many years, a vice-Chairman of the Wrexham Board of Guardians, and took special interest in the enforcement of Pell's Act with regard to the treat¬ ment of vagrants, and was most interested in the forma¬ tion and erection of the tramp wards, and stone breaking cells.