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THE ILLUSTKATED WREXHAM ARGUS NORTH WALES ATHLETE. Edited by Akthue Wm. Berkeley. No. 313" AUGUST, 1910. [2d. NOTES AND NOTIONS. In the House of Commons. Mr Churchill informed Mr Ormsby Gore, M.P., that certain representations had been received as to the recognition of the dominion of Wales on the Royal Standard, and they would receive proper consideration. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Freemasons of the Province of North Wales was held on July 20th at Holyhead, the R.W. Bro. Colonel Henry Piatt, C.B., Provincial Grand Master, presiding over a large and important assemblage. All the Lodges were represented, the brethren attending from the Square and Compass Lodge, No. 1836, Wrexham, being Bro. S. R. Johnson, P.M., P. Prov. G.D. of (:.; Bro. J. W. Bishop, P.M., P. Prov. G. Sw. B.; Pro. J. T. Morgan, P.M., P. Prov. G. S,wd.; Bro. Newtown Fisk, P. Piov. G. Stwd.; and Bro. J. Kerrison Jones, W..M. Among the appointments of Provincial Grand Officers for the ensuing year were Bro. J. W. Bishop, P.M., as Prov. G.L.D., and Bro. J. I. Morgan, P.M.. as Prov. G. St. B. Mr Phillip Ashworth, of Horsley Hall, has very kindly invited the members of the Wrexham Conservative Workingmen's Association and their wives to Horsley Hall, on Saturday, August 6. Tea will be provided, and the members will also be otherwise entertained. At the last meeting of the General Purposes Committee of the Corporation, the Surveyor reported the receipt of plans for the erection of 14 houses on the Court estate. They were in accordance with the bye-law«. and he would recommend that they be approved. At the suggestion of Councillor Jarman, the Surveyor said he would see to the proper cornering of the street. I he plans were passed. At the same meeting, Councillor Jarman, said he had ueen asked by inhabitants of Cunliffe-street and Spring- >oad whether something could not be done to put these roads in a better state of repair. They had informed him that the steam roller had never been seen there, and, •'peaking personally, he had no hesitation in saying that they were the two worst roads in the town. Councillor Rowland: It would be difficult to match them. The Surveyor : Vernon-street is worse. Councillor Rowland : Gerald-street is also in a bad state. The Surveyor : Yes, but nothing like Vernon street. It is difficult to do anything to Gerald-street until the carting in connection with the extensions has ceased. Councillor Jarman said he would like an answer to his question as to whether something could not be done with regard to Cunliffe-street and Spring-roaL They were in a fearful state at present. The Surveyor said that Cunliffe-street was repaired about two and a half years ago. Councillor Jarman said that the only work done was in connection with the footpaths. The people who lived there and paid rates were entitled to have a decent street, and they had informed him that the steam roller had never been there. Alderman Williamson said the street was all right originall/, but it had been worn out by the weather. After further discussion, the Surveyor promised to do what he could in the matter. The Wrexham Women's Unionist Association had their annual picnic on the '25th ult., when members and friends to the number of nearly a thousand visited Brogyntyn Park, which had been kindly thrown open to them by Lord and Lady Harlech. In the afternoon tea was served in a large marquee. Lord Harlech extended a cordial welcome to the visitors, and his son, the Hon. W. Ormsby Gore, M.P., also spoke, paying a warm tribute to the work of the hon. sec. of the Association, Miss Violet Bury. Dr. S. Edwards Jones, of Wrexham, also spoke. After tea, sports and games were indulged in. the successful competitors being presented with prizes by Lady Harlech.