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THE ILLUSTRATED WREXHAM ARGUS NORTH WALES ATHLETE. Edited by Arthur Wm. Berkeley. No. 308] MARCH, 1910. [2d. NOTES AND NOTIONS. At a meeting of the Council of ths University College of North Wales in London on the 2nd ult., Lord Kenyon was appointed chairman for the year. The Hon. W. Ormsby-Gore, M.P., presided at the 102nd annual meeting of the Denbighshire Infirmary, at Denbigh, on the 3rd ult. The engagement is announced of Anesta Muriel, eldest daughter of the Bishop of St. Asaph, and Major Francis G. Fuller, son of the late Mr George Fuller of 71, Lexham Gardens, Kensington, London. We are glad to learn that Mr Alfred Ashworth of Horsley Hall, High Sheriff of Denbighshire, has much immoved in health since he went to Cannes. He is expected to return home in May. The Army Council have approved the appointment of Mr L. W. ,]elf Petit to be chairman of the Territorial Force Association for the county of Denbigh, in the place of Colonel Mesham, resigned. Colonel Mesham has consented to act as vice-chairman. A marriage has been arranged, and will take place in the autumn, between Captain Herbert Peebles (late Army Service Corps), Zungerw, Northern Nigeria, youngest son of the late Lieut.-Colonel T. Peebles, 11th Regiment, and Gwendoline, daughter of the late Mr Edward Davies, M.D., of Plas Darland, Wrexham. <*> Captain Fletcher and Lady Theresa Fletcher (sister to Earl Fitzwilliam) have taken a house at Borras, near Wrexham. Lady Osborne Morgan has^ been elected a member of the honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Mi' G. Meeson, the Gresford station master, has been awarded the prize of £5 offered by the Great Western railway Company for the prettiest and best kept station K^den in the Northern Division for 1909. ChTh\tW0 tnousan<1 clergymen who in 1662 left the aurch of England and sacrificed their social positions, their stipends, and their careers for conscience sake, were a noble example of British stock. The Nonconformists of Stuart days were good subjects of bad kings; they abhorred Republicanism, Socialism, and Atheism. To-day the Nonconformist chapels of England and Wales are in close alliance with American Atheists who are the paymasters of Irishmen hostile to the King of England. At a Baptist chapel in the Midlands, Unionists were asked to leave the sacred building, and an oath was administered to the congregation pledging them to vote for the Kadical-Socialist-Home-Rule-Candidate at the recent election. There are Sunday-schools which have become engines for the destruction of children's faith in God and respect for man. Envy and malice are taught systematically. The Fear of God, to honour the King, is a creed con¬ temptuously denied. The Protestants of Ireland are abandoned by English Nonconformists to the iron rule of priest-craft and machine-made politics. Radical motto : '■ If you can't win, whine." At the last meeting of the General Purposes Committee of the Town Council, plans from Messrs Tate and Taylor for the erection of eight houses in Newton-street, were approved, subject to 6in. drains being laid to each house instead of 4in. drains. Plans from Mrs Bosker for the erection of a house in Ruabon-road were also approved, subject to 6in- drains being put in instead of 4in. drains, and to the lain water being carried from the front roof across the footpath. We regret to learn of the death of Mrs Lloyd of Talbot- road, sister of ex-deputy Chief Constable Vaughan. Mrs Lloyd, who was a native of Cynwyd, spent many years of her life at Holywell, but latterly lived in Wrexham, At the opening service in connection with the new School Church, in Smithfield Road, Canon Fletcher preached an appropriate sermon to a good congregation.