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THE ILLUSTRATED WREXHAM ARGUS NORTH WALES ATHLETE. Edited by Arthur Wm. Berkeley. No. 307] FEBRUARY, 19.10. '2d. NOTES AND NOTIONS. At the eighth animal meeting of the shareholders of the Imperial Hotel Co., Ltd., on the 24th ult., Messrs Geo. Bevan and S. G. Jarman were re-elected Directors. 21 '1 lie Lord Chancellor lias appointed Mr It. T. Watkin- Williams, a Master in the Supreme Court of Chancery. Mr Watkin-Williams is the eldest son of the late Mr Justice Watkin-Williams, who before his elevation to the Bench was the member for about fourteen years for the Denbigh Boroughs, and afterwards for Carnarvonshire. A veteians' dinner was given by Major Pugh of Liverpool at the Carlton Hotel, in that City, on the "20th nil., at which Mr F. Cutler, Wrexham, a mutiny veteran, was one of the invited quests. On the outskirts of Brussels, a big Sunlight soap factory has been built, in order to avoid paying duty on soap made in England. Messrs Lever now make their soap in Belgium for their Belgian consumers. The consequent weekly loss in wages to British workmen, and to British shopkeepers with whom those wages would be spent, must be considerable, and yet these are the very workmen and little shopkeepers who refuse to see the benefits of Tariff Iteform. None are so blind as those who will not see. The Jig-saw party is capital name for the strange mixture of tame Liberals, wild Socialists, and rebel Irish, which will serve under Mr Asquith's banner. Irishmen, Scotchmen, and M.P's. who have been banished from English constituencies, hold neaily all the leading places in the Government. It is about time that England had a look in. The polling for the Denbigh Boroughs took place on the 19th ult., with the following result:— Hon. W. Ormsby Gore (C) Mr Clement Edwards (L) .. Majority .. 2,438 2,430 Speaking f om the balcony of the Conservative Club, on the evening following his election, to the cheering crowd vlsich had assembled, Mr. Gore said : I thank you for the glorious victory which you have give:! me to-day. Denbigh Boroughs have the honour of recording the first Tariff lit form victory in Wales--(loud cheers). I go back to Parliament with three great pledges from you. The first is ihat I am to oppose disendowment— (applause). The second is that I am to do all in my power to advocate Tariff Reform —(applause). Toe third is that I am to see that justice is done to the Catholic and the Church of England Schools—(loud and prolonged cheering). I think it can honestly be said that the people have pre¬ vailed—(cheers). I ask those who have so nobly supported me to do as I will do, namely, to hold out the haul of friendship to our opponents. It has been a close fight, and towards the end I may say a hot fight ; and now it is over I am going to represent everybody in the constituency—(applause). I think it would become me and our party who are now the victors, if you will give three hearty cheers for my opponent. (The cheers were given with great heartiness). If Mr. Edwards comes out again I am ready to fight him, and next time it will not be just a majority, but a thumping majority—(appiause). I thank you most sin¬ cerely in the name of the Unionist party for your noble and splendid work—(applause). The successful candidate was proposed and seconded by the following electors :— Proposed by: Edwin Belli?, Kobt. Parry, Frederick France Hayhurst, Thomas Woodville, Howel Davies, Hugh Williams, John Pryce Lewis, Theodore John Rowen, Anthony Swainson. Edgar John Swain, S. Edwards Jones, liichard Whitehall, John Edward Quinn, David Jones, Charles ltalph Fox, LI. Hugh-Jones, W. J. Fletcher, Wm. Cornwallis West, Edward Jones, C. Roberts, John Davies, Wm. James Nott. Seconded by : James Parry, Stephen Dickin, James F. Clieve, Charles F. Fendick, H. Venables Palin, Christmas Hugh Lewis, Ed. Robert Williams, Robert Beech, Geo. Francis Hyford, Saml. Mills Dalton, Geo. E. Jones, D. Stanley Davies, John Hogan, Wm. Francis Hyford. Wm. Williams, John E. H. Davies, Fred Busfield, W. Saxon Gregson Ellis, Clias. Hy. Wykes, Arthur Wm. Berkeley, Charles Cottom, Wm. Clwyd Pierce.