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tt^ -4Mk__■■; up "MEASURES, NOT MEN.' Entered at Stationer's Hall.] l [All Eights Eeserved. THE ILLUSTRATED AND US NORTH WALES ATHLETE. No. 302. SEPTEMBER, 1909. 2d. Special Notice. We invite special' attention to our large stock of SIMLA. WILTON, BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY, & KENSINGTON CARPET SQUARES, best value ever offered. LINOLEUMS, INDIA and COCOA MATTINGS, in all widths, Mats, &c. The newest designs in BLINDS, Estimates given for making and fixing. W. & J. PRICHARD, Hope Street, Wrexham. Summer is Coming. "Catch the Sunshine By having your Windows Cleaned by the WREXHAM WINDOW CLEANERS Established 1897. "Nothing succeeds like success." W.B. has sold old ladders. See his new Safety Extension Ladders,' all up-to- date, men and appliances. ♦♦»♦»»♦♦♦»♦♦ •»•»»♦• Address— WALTER BARKER, 43, Foster Street, WREXHAM. MOST r.IGHX. Best House Coals . . . SuppUdd bij . . . BARTON & CO. ." (Sole Proprietors : T. B. Butterworth & Fred. W. Taylor.) Telegrams:« BARTON," WREXHAM. Head Office : Telephones : No. 42 Office. 14s Temple Row, , 134 Residence. Wrejthahi. 135 Printed for the Proprietors by Edwin Jones & Son, 50, Chester, Street, Wrexham. iw v* m> 19 ■ '■'-: '>'■" :■