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■"MEASURES, NOT MEN. Entered at Stationer's Hall.] [All Rights Reserved. THE ILLUSTRATED AND !NORTH WALES ATHLETE. No. 299. JUNE, 1909. 2d. Special Notice. ______ * We invite special attention to our large stock of SIMLA, WILTON, BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY, & KENSINGTON CARPET SQUARES, best value ever offered. LINOLEUMS, INDIA and COCOA MATTINGS, in all widths, Mats, &e. The newest designs in BLINDS. Estimates given for making and fixing. W. & J. PRICHARD, Hope Street, Wrexham. Smramei? is Coming. "Catch the Bm*islxijnte" By having your Windows Cleaned by the WREXHAM WINDOW CLEANERS Established 1897. "Nothing succeeds like success." W.B. has. sold old ladders. See his new Safety Extension Ladders, all up-to- date, men and appliances. Address— WALTER BARKER, 43, Foster Street, WREXHAM. MOST MGHT. Best House Coals iin" :l,.a.:r,gke or s:m;^_:il.:Lj q/u\^i>tti:ti:es. . . . Su$$U4 \s% . . . BARTON & CO. (Sole Proprietors : T. B. Butterworth & Fred. W. Taylor.) Head Office :: 14, Temple Row,' Wrexham. Telegrams : " BARTON," WREXHAM Telephones: No. 42 Office. *134 Residence 135 Printed for the Proprietors by Edwin Jones & Son, 50, Chester Street, Wrexham.