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The lilandevepy J©yFFial Vol. XVII. EASTER, 1910. No. 37. BbitortaL S we look back on this term, usually trie least interesting of all School Terms, we may say that we have lived, it with all our might. True, rain has been almost inces¬ sant, but have we not started with a great asset in our favour ? For now we may defy the weather and find shelter in the Gym¬ nasium. Everybody will acknowledge that we have got the very best out of this fine addition to the School buildings. Apart from an extra inch or so added to previous records for high- jumping, our feet have learned to thread the mazes of an occa¬ sional waltz, or barn-dance, with a set of lancers thrown in here and there. The Juniors have also startled us not a little by giving exhibitions of ' hurricane hitting ' in boxing matches, which, however, have rarely been extended to a second round. Whatever opprobrious epithets others may shower on this hapless term, we persist in regarding it with complete satis¬ faction, and signify the same by naming it—' The Gymnasium Term.' It claims our gratitude too, for we had the privilege of listen¬ ing to a delightful rendering of scenes from Julius Caesar by Mr. Stafford Webber, described in detail elsewhere. May we