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TIKIE A MONTHLY MAGAZINE. Editor: Rev. J. MORLAJS DAVIES, M.A.V THE COLLEGE, PONTYPOOL. Vol. II.—2 JULY. 18B3. CCHST'TEHSf TS z How to Secure a Revival -. By the Rev. 0. D. Campbell, M.A. The Importance op Baptism ... By the Rev. C. W. Mephurst. .-Annual Meetings Pontypool Baptist College. ~ monmouthshibk welsh baptist association. Temperance. Denomination At News. International Sunday School Lessons ... ■'. ... • - By. D.--Lewis." The-Children's Corner. Poetry. Musical Notes ... .... By Hadley Watkins,;A.C.,Brecon.' CARDIFF^ Roberts Brothers, 15, Working Street, and Bute Doeke.